How to create an Edge User account

User Management

Edge ships with one user created by default. This is sufficient to operate with to start using the Repository, however, creating additional users and setting access controls is recommended.


Admin: The primary administrator account for the repository. This is the account you are connected as right now. There can only be one main Admin account, however, you can create an additional Super User with Admin rights without the need to give out the password to Admin. If you need to create a Super User please see this section

To create a new user, click Add New User

Populate the required fields for Username, First name, Last name, and Email


Now click Edit next to the user name and complete setup


  • Confirm all information previously supplied. Make changes as needed.
  • Pick an Organization from the drop down and click Update Organization. If you wish to assign the user to a new organization, first, create a new org


  • Supply a New Password and Verify the password then click Change Password


Highlight the TLP levels you want the user to have access to and check the boxes if the user is staff, or should be able to user the TAXII Inbox.



The Staff Member box allows the user access to the Organizaiton and Users tab in the Admin menu, while locking out access to the rest of the site configuration. By default when users are created, their accounts are unlocked. Accounts can be locked by clicking “Locked User” on the Access tab for the user, or on by clicking the blue eye icon on the Admin > User page.


Soltra Edge is now ready to accept STIX data via the STIX builder. However the product was not designed to be primarily used for STIX processing via a manual creation process. The true power of Edge arrives in its ability to perform Peer-to-Peer connections via the TAXII API.