Setting up Trust Groups:ΒΆ

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note: A basic install contains one hidden Trust Group called default which is sufficient to filter data as available for all users, however, use of this feature is highly recommended

Trust Groups are the primary method of data sharing and information control within Soltra Edge, and the backbone to the collaborative sharing process. The addition of the Trust Group layer gives a powerful methodology to filter and sort data both manually and automatically. Because this is a core product feature, it interacts with many other core product features, such as Virtual Inbox-ing, User Management, Feeds, and Site Polling.

Trust Groups are managed through the Trust main menu

  • Logon as Admin and browse to Trust tab

  • To create your first Trust Group, click the blue button Add Trust Group...
    • define a name, and click Create Group
  • At this point your group has no members apart from the Admin user.
    • Members are invited via an invitation system. Click View on your newly created Trust Group to begin adding members via the blue Invite Users... button. If your Trust Group had previously created members, you can manage them from this screen
    • Select the user you wish to invite into the group from the available list of users and click the blue Invite button. Leaving the Send Message box toggled will use the internal messaging system to notify the user they have a pending Trust Group invite. They will see this upon login into the Web UI
    • Bhanes was invited, when he logs in he can see a waiting private message containing the join invitation
    • Clicking on the message presents a link to the Trust Group page where he can join via the blue Join button and confirming with the Join Group dialogue
    • You can leave at any time via the red Leave button
  • In this example, Bhanes can now see any data associated with the Trust Group Braintrust