Enable SMTP (Email) responses from the Edge Server:

Why enable SMTP (Email) client/agent:

  • What is SMTP? Click this link for more.

  • In the below section you can configure Soltra Edge to send messages such as;
    • Administrative alerts to an Admin inbox or distribution
    • Password rest message to your Users

Setting SMTP Agent/Client for connection to a SMTP Relay Server:

The option also exists to connect Edge to an External SMTP Server. If this is not done, the internal PostFix server will attempt to perform the mail-send function

  • Server Contact Email:
    • Who to send alerts to
  • SMTP Port:
    • The incoming mail port of an external SMTP Server.
  • SMTP Starttls:
    • Does the SMTP server support encrypted tunnel connections?
      • If enabled, you might need to use a port other than 25. Consult your email server’s system administrator if you are unclear
  • Server Email:
    • Who the email will appear to be from
  • SMTP Password:
    • The password required to connect to the external SMTP Server
  • SMTP Host:
    • The hostname of the SMTP Server

At the bottom left, click Save, and then when prompted, Restart UI