How to peer your with another TAXII Server:

The peer you wish to connect to does not have to be an Edge Server, it can be any TAXII Standards compliant server.

Configuring Remote Site Connectors (Peer-to-Peer)

Log in as an Admin user (typically “Admin”)

Click, Admin, Sites, + Add Site


Populate all the required data for your remote site. Example data shown here

  • if connecting to a Soltra’s Edge TAXII Server , the hostname will always need to be followed by /taxii-discovery-service
  • Other TAXII Server implementation can and will use other resource redictes, please contact the TAXII host for my details.

Remember to use https:// if your remote site requires SSL connections


Results of the site add will be displayed. This shows a completion in the discovery process


If there is a configuration issues, there will be a failure in the discovery process


Clicking Edit on the site name will reveal the nature of the issue, in this case, a typo in the discovery URL indicated by the error

Received HTTP 404 - Not Found

Click Connection to fix this. type the proper URL click Update and then the Resend button at the top right


Once properly authenticated to the remote site, Discovery will indicate Task state: complete with results OK and Unconfigured Feeds will show any feeds available from the remote site. In this example, several open source feeds are enabled on the remote site. Click Configure to configure the Feed of choice


Periodic allows for a polling every XX number of minutes. If set to every 10 minutes, the poll will run every 10 minutes.

Wall-Clock Interval specifies an exact hourly time that the poll will run, IE 12:05, 12:10, etc.)

A Manual Poll will only run when interacted upon via the Poll Now button (see next screen capture).

The Sync Start box allows specification of a start time that will be polled from

The Inbox option allow for a Feed to automatically inbox data into a pre-configured Virtual Inbox


Once configuration the feed is setup as a Configured Feed. If scheduled, the feed will poll on the pre-determined Periodicity or Clock interval. If a manual poll, click Poll Now.. to start a feed poll


The Poll status will be reflected in the Activity Log just below the Configured Feeds list


As an added bonus, click on Admin and TAXII to see a live view any TAXII Server Activity, including live inboxing of your configured site