Sudo Disabled

If sudo is disabled on your Soltra Edge system, the Soltra Edge administrator will need to manually restart the specified services below to enable LDAP, as well as apply any settings changes.

The commands to execute are listed below:

service httpd restart
service celeryd restart
service celerybeat restart

Once the services specified above are restarted, any LDAP configuration changes will take effect.


If sudo is disabled, any configuration changes will not be applied until the services specified in the Sudo Disabled section are restarted.


If Soltra Edge is in Debug Mode, the LDAP Adapter will log debug information to a log file at /opt/soltra/edge/var/repository/log/ldap_debug.log.

Trouble Logging In

If users are having difficulty logging in to Soltra Edge for the first time, login as the Soltra Administrator account and make sure the user is not locked.

Contact Us!

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