The LDAP Adapter for Soltra Edge enables authentication via a remote, standards-compliant LDAP server such as OpenLDAP, OpenDJ, and Microsoft Active Directory.

With the LDAP Adapter, LDAP users will authenticate against the LDAP server. Other than authentication, LDAP users are identical to standard accounts.

Methods of Operation

The LDAP Adapter has two modes of operation: traditional Search and Bind as well as Direct Bind.

Search and Bind

Search and Bind involves connecting to the LDAP server, either anonymously (anonymous bind) or with a specified account, such as a service account. Once configured, when users login, the LDAP server is searched for the appropriate user Distinguished Name (DN) for the user attempting to login. Once the DN is found, an attempt to bind as the user is made, passing the DN and password to authenticate.

Direct Bind

Direct Bind skips the search phase, and allows the administrator to fully specify the DN for users.

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