The LDAP Adapter is exclusively available to Soltra Membership. To learn more about Soltra Membership please contact our Membership Team at and the team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


The LDAP Adapter is compatible with Soltra Edge version 2.4 and later. Depending on the version of Soltra Edge the dependency profile differs. We recommend using Soltra Edge version 2.8+ as all LDAP dependencies are pre-installed.

Soltra Edge Version Dependencies Required for LDAP Support
Soltra Edge 2.8 and newer No action necessary, dependencies pre-installed.
Soltra Edge 2.4 - 2.7 Please see the Dependencies section to install required dependencies.
Soltra Edge 2.3 and below N/A - Please Upgrade to use the LDAP Adapter.


The LDAP functionality is installed in Edge as an Adapter. Adapters must be installed by a Soltra Edge administrator.

  1. Navigate to the Adapters manager the Edge Admin (Admin -> Adapters)
  2. Enter your forum credentials into the “Install an Adapter” section to browse available adapters
  3. Click Install on the “LDAP Adapter”
  4. After the initial installation process finishes, the adapter is staged and will be available once the necessary services are restarted. Click the Restart Services button on the screen.
  5. Once the process is complete, the administrator is able to login to Soltra Edge and configure the LDAP Adapter from the top level Adapters menu.



These steps are only required to Soltra Edge v2.4 - 2.7.

The dependencies are provided by the Soltra Edge Yum repository.

Standard Installation

The LDAP Adapter dependencies can be easily installed on the Soltra Edge system by a system administrator. For versions of Soltra Edge 2.7 and below (2.8+ they are pre-installed), run the following command at the command prompt on the Soltra Edge system.

sudo yum install soltra-edge-python-python-ldap openldap

Advanced Installation

If your Soltra Edge instance is on an air-gapped network, download the Soltra Edge LDAP RPM package, soltra-edge-python-python-ldap, and the openldap RPM package, from their respective repositories.

The OpenLDAP support package is available at the link below. If another EL distribution is in use, please refer to the official yum repositories and documentation of the Linux distribution in use.


With the adapter (and dependencies) installed, the Soltra Edge Administrator can configure the LDAP Connection. See the Configuration section to properly configure the LDAP Adapter.